Book Review: Nourishing Traditions

Nourishing Traditions BookNourishing Traditions is all about how to be healthier versions of ourselves we need to take a look at how our ancestors ate and eat more of their traditional foods. Our society has changed so much with industrialization and the foods we are eating are causing a lot of our health issues. We can and should eat healthy whole foods instead of processed foods. We also need to get back to traditional ways of preparing foods, for instance: sprouting grains, fermenting foods and soaking beans.

I am a big believer in technology and how it can be a great aspect to our day to day lives, at the same time we need to not forget what we can learn from our ancestors and put those teachings into practice in the way we eat and prepare our food. We have come so far in the Healthcare industry, yet people are still getting sicker than our ancestors did.

It was interesting reading about how drinking milk is associated with cancer. Conventional cows that are given excessive hormones can cause tumor formation in people. Those factory farmed cows actually secrete pus into the processed milk people drink. I don’t know about you, but pus is not something that I want to consume. Yuck! If you love milk as much as I do, look into the benefits of raw milk.

It is important to get vitamins from whole foods that are prepared properly. Vitamins can be supplemented short term, but it is best to get most vitamins from food sources whenever possible. A lot of people associate high blood pressure with salt intake, but in fact restricting salt may actually cause more harm than good. We are missing out on important minerals and electrolytes when we reduce salt intake. When we start to consume less processed food it is really important to get adequate amounts of salt. Instead of eliminating salt we should really focus on eliminating
proceed foods.

I enjoyed this book, it gave a good background on the basics of nutrition in a way that was easy to read. I enjoyed trying to figure out the foods in the “Know Your Ingredients” section of the book. It not only explained why you should eat that way, but it actually provided recipes to show you how to implement those concepts. I’m excited to try the Cilantro Lime Dressing recipe and to make bread with sprouted grains.

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