Local Farmers


JLG Natural Farm

Specializes in A2 Raw Milk, grass feed beef, pork, fryer chicken and free-range eggs. No Corn and No Soy all natural products. The animals are pastured and treated kindly. They are located in Princeton, MN and have drop sites in the metro area.

Staying on Budget

Eating healthy can be more expensive than eating cheap processed foods. One thing that I have found to help me with keeping my finances in order is a program and app called YNAB (You Need A Budget). It’s a different approach to budgeting where you only budget the money you have on hand. You give your dollars a job. I went from having to borrow money from our line of credit every month to pay the mortgage to actually paying off debt and saving money for future expenses. Use my link above to get your 34 day free trial.


Nutritional Therapy Association

Are you just as passionate about nutrition as I am? Have you thought about learning more about nutrition, but just don’t know where to start? NTA offers a blend of flexible online learning and in-person workshops with instructors to provide hands on training with face-to-face instructor coaching. I am very happy with the training that I have received through the NTA.