Balance & Shine

A 6-week group program that combines nutrition and mindset, mindfulness, and lifestyle to create lasting changes in your life.  If you’ve followed other programs in the past but then always go back to the same way of life after finishing then Balance & Shine is for YOU!

In this program you will learn:

  • How to figure out your “WHY” and find out what could get in the way of your goals
  • A balanced approach to whole food eating and how to cultivate an honest relationship with food
  • How to identify your biggest stressors and ways to help you incorporate ways to stress relief in your life
  • The importance of sleep and your circadian rhythm
  • Transforming cravings
  • Why we sabotage ourselves and what to do to move past it
  • How to nourish ALL of you. Creating balance in other area’s of your life so you can feel whole
  • How to create healthy boundaries so that you can have boundless energy

Program includes:

  • 6 Week Group Program
  • Private FB Group
  • Access to email me with personal questions
  • Weekly Zoom Call
  • Weekly Homework
  • Nutrition Questionnaire

Investment: $397 (Special BETA Offer: $197)